Fallout 76 glitch drops players into unreleased Vault 63

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Febbraio 12, 2019

At this point, glitches and Fallout 76 are something akin to peanut butter and jelly - a pairing so common that it's unusual to think of one without the other.

Bethesda banned players who snuck into Fallout 76's "dev room" last month-so it's no wonder one player that accidentally accessed the sealed Vault 63 this weekend was anxious about the developer taking action against their account.

A Reddit user who goes by McStaken apparently "entered the vault accidentally while doing a Rad-Rat Horde event".

Players are reporting a bug that fast travels them to Vault 63. Since Fallout 76 is very buggy these situations happen all the time, including this latest debacle by player McStaken. There aren't any NPCs wandering its halls, but otherwise, it seems the interior is mostly complete, with an Overseer's office, a common area, kitchen, and even an exit that looks to lead out into a mine. McStaken is anxious about being banned, so they've submitted a support ticket to Bethesda telling the developer what happened.

Fallout 76 horde event bug is sending players to the inside of Vault 63
Bethesda confirm Fallout 76's Vault 63 will eventually open its doors after player glitches inside

While we all wait for the vault to officially open, programming errors like these mean we can still enjoy videos and screenshots of the areas in their still-unfinished states.

Obviously, unknowingly accessing an area because your game glitched out isn't something that should be ban-worthy regardless of the game, but there is reason to feel that Bethesda may take a hardline against it.

Simply put, players who are victims of random glitches or bugs fear that they might be banned by Bethesda: given that you need to authenticate with a Bethesda account and log in for this online-only game, that would be a big problem.

This seems to be the cause of worry for the players who have found themselves in Vault 63, but as it appears to be a bug, it's unlikely that Bethesda will start banning players over it. Beyond that, Bethesda community manager Jessica Finster suggested on Reddit that Vault 63 will one day be added to the game. This vault is locked off for the time being, although additional vault quests are part of Bethesda's 2019 roadmap for the game.

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