Ready meals link to greater risk of dying

Modesto Morganelli
Febbraio 12, 2019

Every 10pc increase in ultra-processed food consumption was associated with a 14pc greater risk of death from any cause.

While we already know what you eat can affect your weight, mood and energy levels, the troubling new research finds making poor food choices could ultimately kill you.

Some ultra-processed foods contained large amounts of salt, and high sodium intake has been associated with higher rates of cardiovascular deaths and stomach cancer.

"Ultra processed" food is defined as anything which is made involving an industrial procedure, for instance adding chemicals, heat processing or dehydrating.

The chances of someone dying in the next seven years increases the more sugary drinks, factory-made breads and biscuits, candies and chocolate bars, mass-produced and packaged snacks, ready meals and processed meat they have in their diet, the study found.

A 10% increase in consumption of these foods was associated with a 14% rise in the risk of dying from one of these non-communicable diseases (so called because they are not contagious).

In addition ultra-processed foods contained little fibre, which had been shown to reduce mortality risk.

"These features have been associated with several non-communicable diseases that are the leading causes of mortality".

Consumption of ready meals and other forms of ultra-processed food accounted for an average 29 per cent of total calorie intake, the study found.

Artificial sweeteners, food packaging and food additives such as titanium dioxide have also been linked to these diseases.

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