Assemblyman proposes bill to end religious exemptions for measles vaccine

Modesto Morganelli
Febbraio 14, 2019

This data reflects a almost 8-fold increase in measles cases in the Philippines.

Washington state's measles outbreak stands at 54 cases. "A social movement of public health vaccine opposition has been growing in the United States in recent years".

Clark County Public Health did not identify any new measles cases or exposure sites Wednesday in its ongoing outbreak investigation. Four cases in Oregon's Multnomah County and one in Seattle-King County are linked to the outbreak in Vancouver. "This refers to mothers who became hesitant to have their children vaccinated with vaccines that were long proven to be effective", it said.

A child who was exposed to measles received the first dose of the vaccine and developed the benign rash, however a lab test falsely showed the child to have measles. While health officials say that vaccination rates around 90 to 95 percent are generally enough to prevent an outbreak, rates have continued to decline across the nation.

However, 17 states now allow for "philosophical exemptions", which means that a parent can excuse their child from being inoculated for virtually any reason. Internationally, Madagascar and the Philippines are reporting steep increases in cases in their outbreaks. Cases additionally have been reported in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois and New Jersey, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Outbreaks in New York City and Rockland County have been ongoing since a year ago, and have been concentrated among Orthodox Jewish communities.

At the same time, 2018 followed a year in which Europe achieved its highest-ever coverage for the second dose of measles vaccination at the national level, showing that gaps at subnational levels are to blame for the disease's resurfacing. The only year with a higher case count was 2014: numerous 667 cases that year were linked to an outbreak in the Philippines, and many occurred among unvaccinated Amish communities in OH, according to the CDC. In Washington, 43 of the 50 cases were among people who did not receive the measles vaccine.

So far there has been no report of measles cases in the island province of Guimaras. "You should be getting immunized", says Day. Initial symptoms, which usually appear 10 to 12 days after infection, include high fever, a runny nose, bloodshot eyes, and tiny white spots on the inside of the mouth.

In Clark County, the majority of patients have been unvaccinated children under 10 years old. "Loss of public confidence and trust in vaccines in the immunization program brought about by the Dengvaxia controversy has been documented as one of many factors that contributed to vaccine hesitancy in the country". The outbreak is being blamed in part on low vaccination rates in Washington state.

The MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, is considered both safe and effective as a general scientific consensus, and is required for all school-age children.

A similar measure failed in 2015 after facing opposition. "If you travel the world, people will line up for this vaccine, because they have seen it".

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