Cleaning Of Parks And Beaches As The #Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral

Rodiano Bonacci
Marzo 14, 2019

While not all of them are healthy or serve just the goal of entertainment, the newest challenge on the internet, maybe just the change we needed. Every few days we have a new one coming up.

An army of eco-conscious people around the world are clearing up litter and sharing photos of it on Twitter using #Trashtag.

From blindfolding to dancing to Drake, we have seen a lot of weird and risky challenges; but #TrashTag stands out for its inspiration to people taking action against the trash and cleaning up their surroundings. Forget Kiki and Momo Challenge, Here are 5 Positive Social Media Challenges You Should Actually Take Up. The idea of this challenge or trend has been there since many years but it was just this weekend that this gained some importance and attention from the people when they started picking up the mess from their streets, parks and beaches, and posting the before and after pictures on the social media. First year he ended up with 75 contractor bags full.

A number of people also attached before-and-after photos that have inspired other internet users to do the same while cleaning up their environment. But it resurfaced online when a Facebook post was directed at bored teens, asking them to be a part of this #Trashtag Challenge.

Though the hashtag has existed since 2015, it only boomed in popularity earlier this month, when Byron Román shared his own post on social media. It appears that #Trashtag has already become bigger than #Plogging, but whether you're walking, running, biking, or rolling (whatever works!), picking up trash is a great way to make public spaces safer and more accessible.

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