Rajkot Police Reportedly Arrest 10 for Playing the Game — PUBG Mobile Ban

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Marzo 14, 2019

Now, play PUBG in Ahmedabad at your own risk. But there's no success without criticism and PUBG Mobile has received a fair share censure from governments as well as people to an extent where the popular battle-royale game has been banned in several cities.

After the Gujarat government asked all districts to ban PUBG Mobile in all school premises across the state, Rajkot City Police took the matters to another level and banned the game completely in the city. MOMO challenge was also banned. Cops, education and research institutes were exempted from this ban order. However, the notification will be extended, Singh told DNA.

Rajkot and Surat districts of Gujarat issued a ban against playing PUBG in public on March 7.

"It has been learnt through different mediums that there is a rise in violent tendencies among children and youth because of PUBG game / MOMO challenge". After arrestees have been booked, "they will be shown as immediately bailed out by police". The notification warned that action would be taken under section 188 of IPC and section 135 of the Gujarat Police Act against anyone found playing the games in violation of the notification. This is for the first time that people are being detained for playing a harmless game. "The game affects their studies, and also on their behaviour, and development", the notification read explaining the reasons for the ban on the two games.

"Explore ways in which you encourage your children towards accepting and understanding technology", he said, addressing a parent's concern regarding PUBG Mobile addiction, "But remember, technology should be used to expand our horizons, not to let it shrink us in our life".

According to a report from Indian Express, the police have begun to seize mobile devices as per their investigation, citing that the game "is highly addictive and the accused were so engrossed in playing them that they could not even notice our team approaching them".

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