Roach: I'd Love To See Pacquiao Face Spence-Garcia Winner

Paola Ditto
Marzo 14, 2019

One year ago, the fight was nothing more than a pipe dream.

Order the PPV and visit for Fight Night Info and more on Errol Spence Jr. and Mikey Garcia. This has been the result of Spence being avoided by some of the top welterweights in the division and Garcia not landing a lightweight mega fight with Vasyl Lomachenko. He called me out, so they obviously think that they see something. I'm glad he's as confident as I am.

"I know that he's a fighter who is going to be crafty and try to move around". I could have taken easier fights than this, but they didn't spark the fire in me. Pick a victor and we'll release the results at the end of the week.

“Mikey is supposed to think hes going to win this fight. All of my opponents say they dont see anything special when they watch me, until they get into the ring.

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikey Garcia airs on Saturday night, March 16, 2019 at AT&T Stadium and live on FOX PPV. He will be ready on Saturday night.”.

Spence Jr.: Keep that same energy that you have been having.

"I'm hungry just like every other fighter".

“Not only have all of our sparring partners told us this, but his opponents always say the same thing. Keep that same energy when you're in Cali at your gym that you have here.

Garcia: It's the same attitude I have always had. I know what I can do.

“Ive got to go in there Saturday night and show why I picked this fight. But in all fairness, Garcia is more experienced than Errol. And both believe their fighter will get the job done.

Said Derrick James, Spence's trainer: "We're going to go in there and show him why we're better. Errol is feeling great, so I am too". Spence has good boxing skills and will present a big problem for Mikey. But he's never been in the ring with Errol. I'll do think about the moment after the fight and celebrate with my people. For me to find myself in this position, it's hard to put into words. From a preparation standpoint, his style isnt a big challenge.

Even though the size factor will come into play, Spence is not overlooking the skilled Garcia, he doesn't want to go into the ring overconfident and get caught slipping.

“The size difference wont matter. It doesn't matter. They can say the size, but the size won't matter. Ill beat him at anything he wants to do. I'm here to make history and this fight does that.

“This win makes me pound-for-pound number one.

Garcia, of course, begged to differ. I promise you that, and I'm gonna punish him. Like I said I am better than him in any other way. When it comes to timing, speed, reflexes and defense, you name it, Im better.

Part of what makes them great is their ability to stay focused on the task in front of them and turn up the heat when necessary.

"I don't really have a switch", Spence Jr. explained. I have to see how my opponent is going to react and be intelligent. I am ready for fight night. I am pumped up. Im exhausted of seeing him and Im just ready for fight night.

"Mikey is showing great courage in challenging Errol, but I think he may have taken on too much in moving up for this one". I could talk to Mikey Garcia in the locker room before the fight then come out and knock his head off. Im always on go. "I didn't put in all that work and effort for nothing". I'm tunnel vision on Saturday night and I can't wait. On paper, he's the toughest opponent to date, but once we get in the ring, we'll find out. I have to be calm, I have to be confident, that is just the way I am. Hes facing middleweights to get ready for this one and I know he will be.”. I'm ready to get a great victory. This is where we see what fighters are made of.

Garcia (39-0, 30 KOs) is striving to put together a legendary career and is aggressively pursuing that goal. This turns me into a star. "I feel like this takes me on the right track to become the face of boxing and become the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world". That's what motivates me. Thats how I win this fight. That's how I feel right now. "That's why I chose him".

But Mikey is also very good and if he uses what he has to his advantage, I predict he'll take Spence the distance.

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