Twitter May Remove Likes And Retweets Counters

Remigio Civitarese
Marzo 14, 2019

Twitter said Wednesday that it would bring the new feature to all of its mobile users on iOS and Android in the coming days. It also simplifies the current cumbersome process of sharing videos or photos on the text-dominated platform.

Twitter has a history of being slow to change its product, scrapping ideas for fear of alienating its hardcore users and debating new wrinkles over long periods of time, in contrast with its larger rival, Facebook Inc., which hasn't been afraid to make drastic changes to its social network.

Twitter is rolling out a new prototype that executives say is created to make the social media platform a friendlier environment for people to navigate, NBC reported Wednesday. Recently, Twitter has increased the pace of new product introductions.

The company offered the public a new prototype for the Twitter app, which includes a variety of changes to how the platform looks and operates. Users must apply for access to the app. This new camera functionality makes it easier - and more desirable - to snap and send photos on the app.

According to NBC, in an attempt to promote "healthy conversation", Twitter will remove the engagement counter showing the number of retweets or likes that a post has. Conversations now appear rounded, similar to a chat, with indentations and color-coded markers to make the discussion easier to follow.

Apparently Twitter thinks it's in competition with Instagram and Snapchat, because it's made its own in-app camera feature just like they have.

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