Whoopi Goldberg makes surprise 'View' appearance after near-death experience

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 14, 2019

Goldberg was missing from set since February 6 - more than a month - revealing last week that her bout with pneumonia was so severe that she almost died.

"This is my first foray out", admitted Goldberg. You need to just be upright and not be around a bunch of folks, because my immune system is challenged.

Behar previously told viewers about Goldberg's diagnosis during the February 20 broadcast while simultaneously debunking rumors that Goldberg would be the surprise host of the Oscars, which were just a few days away at that point.

Goldberg said it was her first "foray" out but that she is still dealing with remnants of her illness.

"They said, 'well, your insurance has said no to this.' I said, 'well, can I lease it, can I rent it?'" she went on.

"The scariest moment was hearing my doctor say to me, 'You do realize how close to death you were?'" she went on.

Goldberg said she hopes her experience serves as a "cautionary tale for all of us. So this is my beginning", she said. You think that because you've healed quick before that something insane can't happen, well, it can. "You must really take care of yourself because there's little tiny stuff out there that will kill you that you never think of". "We missed you so much!" "I'm not dead. Here's what happened".

"Yes, I came very close to leaving the earth". "Good news, I didn't". "And the people who are saying "no" to you are not doctors, they are people looking at algorithms".

The actress, who has been a panelist on the ABC talk show since 2007, thanked her fans and critics alike for their support and well wishes.

"Ladies, I can not wait to see y'all", she added, addressing her fellow panelists. "Sixty years of insurance money and you're telling me I can't get this machine. To everybody, see you soon".

Her illness was first addressed during the February 20 episode, as fans began to question where Goldberg was.

"She's not feeling well", Behar said at the time. "She's actually recovering from pneumonia. She's getting there, she's on the mend".

The 63-year-old EGOT victor said she'd gotten permission to be at the ABC chatfest's studios that day, but that her compromised immune system means that she'll have to "ease back in" to daily hosting duties.

The View airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.

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