First Android Q beta rolls out to Pixel phones

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Marzo 15, 2019

Numerous previously announced features for foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold are also built into Android Q. For developers, that means supporting new paused and resumed states that allow multiple apps to work on a larger display.

There are also camera tweaks, notably for enabling more messing around with depth-of-field control, as well as new audio and video codecs and improved APIs for graphics and neural network performance.

We've been begging Google to give us a screen recording feature for ages, and while the company has worked on in the past, this is the first time you can actually try it out. It works quite well (on the Pixel 3 XL and not the Pixel 2) but you can now have "only" a single freeform window open on your homescreen.

Apps will also have access to a quick settings panel that will include all the settings a user would need to update before using an app. Google offers a browser app as an example, which would have a settings panel that includes items like Airplane Mode, WI-Fi, and Mobile Data.

For downloading the images, use this link. You should be able to disable or reset your advertising ID without being tracked, and Android Q makes that possible.

Android Q brings new features to your smartphone, the most expected one being probably the dark mode but it's not the only new feature this version has in store. Google, of course, has its own location-related issues to deal with, and limiting access to location data on Android might be a good way to start.

Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters
Android Q beta is now available for Pixel devices

How can I get the Android Q beta?

While Android Pie is yet to make its way to even 10 percent of Android devices out there, Google has gone ahead and released the first beta of Android Q. The update is squarely aimed at privacy and security while also adding support for hardware devices and technology that we will see become commonplace in 2019.

In February, an early access version of Android Q suggested that the new OS may remove the back button, replacing it with a gesture that would be universal across all Android phones, rather than an option provided by the phone maker.

Freeform windows will be pretty useful in the desktop mode, so if you wanna enable the same - you just need to look for the "Enable freeform windows" option under the "Apps" section in the developer options menu. The beta build can be installed on the Pixel devices by enrolling in the Android Beta Program first.

Some low-level system changes to Android ensure that apps will open faster than in previous versions. Be warned: this is unstable beta software.

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