Ireland insist Millennium Stadium roof stays open

Paola Ditto
Marzo 15, 2019

The Six Nations match between Wales and Ireland will be played under an open roof at the Principality Stadium on Saturday, despite terrible weather forecast in Cardiff.

"So we will probably be happy enough if it's open anyway".

Wales trained with the roof closed at their traditional eve-of-game captain's run on Friday.

A victory would ensure a Grand Slam triumph for Wales, while Ireland could only retain their Six Nations crown if they win and Scotland defeat England at Twickenham.

"For us I think the last time it was closed we arrived there and there was a lot said about making it good for spectators - and the sprinklers were on for 30 minutes and the ground was very, very damp before the game started". Is it going to be closed and wet, or is it going to be closed and dry?

Wales is being battered by Storm Gareth this weekend, but even though the weather forecast is set to be grim for the match, Ireland have requested that the lid is taken off the Cardiff stadium.

"Both teams have to agree to the roof being closed so that means basically the away team decides what happens in our stadium".

'My only concern is that if it is pouring down with rain then we do have a responsibility to the game for a spectacle, ' he said on Thursday before questioning whether Ireland were up for a closed atmosphere in Cardiff.

"Some teams are able to handle that and others can't with the extra noise and pressure and what the crowd can deliver from a home point of view".

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