Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from, well, anywhere

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Marzo 15, 2019

You can check out more details about Steam Link Anywhere here. Until, Apple and Steam can works around restrictions with the security framework in iOS, there is unfortunately no iOS Store version of the app as of yet.

Game streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

For those making games, Valve have opened up the Steam Networking Sockets APIs to all developers.

Assuming you've got all that covered, you'll see an "Other Computer" option on the screen when searching for computers to connect to via Steam Link. It's compatible with both the Steam Link hardware and app, and will be rolled out automatically (and freely) to everyone who owns the hardware with beta firmware installed, the Android app beta, or the Raspberry Pi app. You can do this at the computer itself or you can use a remote desktop app to do it from wherever you might be.

At this stage Steam Link Anywhere is in early beta and support for it was added in the latest Steam Link beta build - build 688 to be exact.

Valve's Steam Link hardware might be dead, but Steam Link as a service is getting a pretty major upgrade. You can play games from your PC anywhere you have an internet connection.

For what it's worth, I was able to get this going without issue on my OnePlus 6T with my Steam library hosted on my Windows 10 PC. Steam Link Anywhere is a new service and it greatly expands upon the previous functionality of Steam Link for Android. Regardless, this is an exciting development from Valve that represents just how powerful gaming will be on the 5G networks of the future, with fast speeds and low latencies.

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