Nigel Farage to lead Leave Means Leave march

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Marzo 17, 2019

These commets have also been printed onto beer mats, which were delivered to Nigel Farage's table at the European Parliament, for his next journey to the local boozer, where he presumably enjoys the vast array of Belgian beer on selection with his German wife. If politicians think they can walk all over us, then we're going to march back and tell them they can't.

The 14-day march, organised by the Leave Means Leave campaign is set to arrive in the capital for a mass rally on March 29, the date the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the bloc.

Mr Farage says he won't be completing the whole route.

The march follows several defeats for Prime Minister Theresa May in the United Kingdom parliament this week when MPs rejected her Brexit deal for a second time and voted to seek a delay to Britain's departure from the EU.

Marchers will make their way to Middlesbrough tomorrow and are due to pass through other "Leave" voting areas such as Pontefract, Doncaster and Wellingborough before arriving in London on March 29, the scheduled date of Brexit, where a mass rally will be held in Parliament Square.

"The promises made in a General Election, and they now do not want us to leave in 13 days".

Protesters gather as Nigel Farage prepares to lead Brexit march
Nigel Farage On Leading The Leave Means Leave March To London

Outlining the reasons for the "peaceful protest", the march's website states: "It is now clear the Westminster elite are preparing to betray the will of the people over Brexit".

Explaining the event, they add: "To counter this, Leave Means Leave are undertaking a peaceful protest to demonstrate the depth and breadth of popular discontent with the way Brexit has been handled".

Anti-Brexit protesters set off a flare with the European Union colours and shouted "exit Brexit" while some marchers called them "EU money grabbers", and one waved a fake blue passport in their direction.

After arriving in Hartlepool, the marcher's will move on to Middlesborough on Sunday.

Other marchers responded by shouting "EU money grabbers" at the demands for a second referendum.

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