Losing Amazon second headquarters deal was bad for NY

Cornelia Mascio
Marzo 20, 2019

"While some may have celebrated Amazon's announcement to pull the plug, the vast majority of New Yorkers of every stripe thought it was bad for the Empire State", said Siena pollster Steven Greenberg.

It's easy to see why New Yorkers feel frustrated that the deal fell through. A plurality of respondents deemed Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) a villain.

A new poll asked ny state voters who was the "hero", "villain" or "role player" in the historic missed opportunity that was estimated to deliver tens of thousands of jobs and $30 billion in tax revenue.

And while there was "certainly enough [blame] to go around" for the news, "voters say the biggest villain was Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez", Greenberg notes. That number topped the share of villain votes for any other elected official, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Senate as a whole. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, is proud that she and her fellow socialist activists quashed a huge business deal that would have brought Amazon's second global headquarters to the Big Apple. When asked if several key players in the Amazon situation were a hero, villain or role player, 38 percent of poll responders said Ocasio-Cortez was a villain, compared to 12 percent who call her a hero and 24 percent who considered her a role player. "Amazon itself was seen as the biggest villain among Democrats, but Republicans and independents had Ocasio-Cortez as far and away the largest villain, followed by the local Queens activists".

Now a poll suggests that New Yorkers may resent Ocasio-Cortez for her opposition. Ocasio-Cortez did, however, perform better than Socialism, which had a favorable rating of just 25 percent, and an unfavorable rating of 59 percent (-34). "If you talk to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it's 'Never Amazon, '" Jodi Seth, the head of policy communications for Amazon, told NBC News in a February interview. Right-wing groups were quick to point the finger at Ocasio-Cortez for Amazon's decision. The poll found that 31% of respondents overall had a favorable impression of Ocasio-Cortez; 44% viewed her unfavorably.

The Seattle-based company announced past year it would build two satellite headquarters on the east coast - one in NY and one in Washington D.C. Amazon said it will continue moving forward on plans to build its second headquarters in the D.C. suburb of Arlington.

"By a wide margin, New Yorkers would support the deal coming back together if Cuomo and others can convince Amazon to reconsider".

Among respondents, twice as many supported the deal Amazon was prepared to make, 61%-30%. There is an overwhelming feeling that its cancellation was bad for the state.

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