Delta Is Reducing Seat Recline On Short Flights

Cornelia Mascio
Aprile 13, 2019

"As part of Delta's continued efforts to make the in-flight experience more enjoyable, Delta is testing a small change to its A320 aircraft - adjusting the recline throughout to make multitasking easier", Delta spokeswoman Savannah Huddleston told CNN Travel. And that's a good thing.

In essence, the move is about preventing a sudden deep recline of any passenger, which bothers the person seated right behind.

But before you freak out, you should first know that they're only doing this on a limited number of planes.

Delta's A320s are primarily used on popular business routes that fly one or two hours within the United States, and the reduction in seat recline is meant to prevent travelers from abruptly reclining and disturbing the laptops of those in the seat behind them. And if you're thinking to yourself, But I love going full recline when people are trying to get some work done before they land, then I have news for you: you're a monster, and you should get a neck pillow like everyone else so you can sleep sitting up.

"I just flew last week on Iberia Express between Madrid and Seville and noticed their seats didn't have a recline button, and I thought it would be great if USA carriers started doing the same", he said. "It's all about protecting customers" personal space and minimizing disruptions to multitasking in-flight'.

The change will only take place on the A320 aircraft, which operate domestic flights around the country lasting only an hour or two.

Starting April 13, it might be tougher for certain Delta passengers to reach snoozing altitude at cruising altitude: Their seats won't recline as far back. Aviation security consultant Jeff Price told CNN Travel: 'Being a frequent business flier, my productivity just dies when the person in front of me drops their seat into my lap'. However, this isn't because the airline is squeezing more seats into the cabin - and you might actually find it's a good thing. It will take about two months to adjust the entire fleet.

It is understood Delta will rely on passenger feedback, The Points Guy reports, to determine whether the airline will expand the change to the rest of its domestic airplane fleet or go back to the original four inches of coach recline.

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