CDC: 600 cases of a deadly drug-resistant fungus reported

Modesto Morganelli
Aprile 14, 2019

"Our top priority at IDPH is keeping Illinoisans healthy and safe, and we are working hard to ensure residents have the information and resources they need in response to all emerging health threats", IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said.

Clinical cases of Candida auris reported by US states, as of February 28, 2019.

Our experienced team of attorneys handle cases throughout the city of Chicago, surrounding suburbs, and the entire state of IL, including major lawsuits involving nursing home acquired infections.

Question: Now can a person actually die from an infection with Candida auris? .

More than 30 countries have reported at least one case of C. auris since it was discovered a decade ago, according to CDC. People having weaker immune systems are more prone to Candida Auris.

Candida auris, which was first identified in Japan in 2009, has been found to cause wound, ear and bloodstream infections and is typically diagnosed through the culture of body fluids and blood. "There are steps physicians, health care facilities, and individuals can take to avoid infection and prevent the spread of disease, and IDPH encourages all Illinoisans to get educated and stay safe". It's also been found in urine and respiratory samples.

Four out of five patients with Candida auris will have had an intravenous infusion and half or more have a feeding or breathing tube or urinary catheter, all common procedures used in nursing home settings.

IDPH and local health departments are working with health care facilities to implement and maintain infection control practices to reduce transmission (cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces and shared equipment, hand hygiene, gloves, gowns, etc.). It can also be carried on a person's body. Nursing homes with adequate staff, nurses and nurse aides are less likely to be stressed and rush, and can spend more time with residents to identify symptoms of infection and address bacteria spreading actions at the onset.

Those at high risk of C. auris are those who recently had surgery, suffer from diabetes and have taken a broad spectrum of antibiotic and anti-fungal medications. Those people who are in hospitals or are suffering from any kind of illness already have more chances of experiencing this infection.

At least 56,000 people in the U.S. and European Union die every year as a direct effect of infection from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, comparable to influenza, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS combined.

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