Iron Man in Fortnite? Epic Games Director teases Avengers: Endgame crossover

Brunilde Fioravanti
Aprile 14, 2019

So if Robert Downey working with Epic Games and Fortnite, the upcoming Avengers tie-in might be of a larger scale than previously thought.

A few questions later, Downey Jr showered more love on his Indian fans saying: "You guys are just wonderful fans. All I can say is we have a ton of characters we haven't explored, and I'd love to do them all".

In a question relating to Downey Jr's character Tony Stark's character inviting Wong to his wedding, the actor was asked: "Do you think you will consider India as a wedding destination?"

He said: "The one you haven't seen yet".

To that, Downey Jr said: "Wow, right. You guys will be receiving a high-security clearance positions", the actor quipped. I got to probably check it out first, I have got to come down there and do some scouting. When one of the fans asked if he could tell some fun stories from the Endgame wrap party, the actor gave an emotional response saying the film sums up all the good memories the team shared over the years. "You mean I should renew my vows to my Mrs or something like that". "You know I love and I'm particular to Mark 1 and Mark 42".

"Well, this was not a fan event". Within the first hour of tickets going on sale, Endgame sold three times the amount of tickets Avengers: Infinity War sold past year. "This Endgame really represents the culmination of probably the time in our lives that we have been the closest", he said. Though the pressure is on for Captain America, Black Widow, and the rest of the Avengers in Endgame, it's still cool to see the cast finding time to unwind with some classic games.

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