All Digital Xbox One S Leaked, Launching May 7 in Europe

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Aprile 15, 2019

Over the current and previous console generations, there's been speculation over how well a disc-less system would be received by gamers, with the argument against being that many consumers still prefer to buy physical copies.

The One S All Digital will come with a 1 TB HDD at launch, on which Microsoft will preload Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves.

Following Microsoft's successful rollout of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, it makes ideal sense for the company to release the much-rumored digital-only version of its console. Microsoft still has yet to announce the console, but a new leak has potentially revealed not only what the Xbox One S all-digital edition will look like, but how much it will cost, its features, release date, and more. We should see an official announcement later this week, as early as April 16th, with the European release reportedly set for May 7th.

It also reveals the expected pricing of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition which is said to start at €229.99 (Rs 18,000 approximately). If true, that's a bit expensive for a console with no disc-drive, especially since the standard Xbox One S with its 4K Blu Ray player can often be found at $250 or less when it's on sale. With only two more days left, we'll soon get to know more details of Microsoft's disc-less Xbox One S.

All signs point to Microsoft unveiling the next-gen Xbox at E3 2019 in June, and Microsoft may want to avoid potentially confusing the market by making a big hubbub about its all-digital Xbox One S so close to E3.

What we have not heard about yet is Microsoft's disc-to-digital program that is code-named Odessa.

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