Amazon to launch ad-supported music service to rival Spotify

Cornelia Mascio
Апреля 15, 2019

But unlike Spotify, the Seattle-based tech giant can afford to lose money in the music streaming business in the short run to play the long game and attract free users that can be converted into paying subscribers.

Amazon is in discussions to launch a free music streaming service, with Amazon monetising this offering through the implementation of ads, Billboard reports. Unlike paid offerings, these streaming tiers typically do not allow users to save music for offline access, limit the number of songs that can be skipped, and block the ability to find and stream specific songs, instead requiring the user to put a playlist on shuffle.

Amazon Prime Music offers access to around 2 million tracks, and there's also an Amazon Music Unlimited service, a more direct Spotify competitor - it has tens of millions of songs in its catalog and costs an additional monthly fee.

Sources say Amazon could unveil the free music streaming service before the end of April.

It's easy to see where the new service would slot in - on Amazon Echo devices.

The alleged free music service would be made available through the Amazon Echo smart speakers, the leak claims. The report claims this free service may launch next week. It's not entirely clear how the new Amazon Music service might be labeled or marketed, but another fairly obvious expectation is that it will contain a "limited catalog".

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