In Fortnite added vans revival

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Апреля 15, 2019

In fact, the two systems are so similar that it seems very likely indeed that Epic Games is actively trying to compete and take away something which makes the two games different. In both games, your dead teammate drops an item-in Apex, it's their banner card; in Fortnite, their reboot card. When a teammate dies, you'll have to collect their Reboot Card which they drop as they are eliminated. If one of their teammates retrieves this card (which disappears after 90 seconds) and takes it to one of the Reboot Vans, the player can respawn. Presently all Reboot Van areas have been uncovered on the Fortnite map.

There was an error in Battle Royale Mode that wasn't allowing players to respawn at the Reboot Van if it was being used by two players at the same time and one of them stopped interacting with it.

Furthermore, we presently have full subtleties on what the much advertised enormous update for the widely played battle royale game brought to the table. When users understand that, they can go to any Fortnite Reboot Van and start the restoration procedure. Presently, the Reboot Vans will be accessible inside the thick of the activity.

Bringing Reboot Cards to Reboot Vans will bring each squad member whose card has been collected back into battle. This implies regardless of whether an adversary player has utilized the Reboot Van inside that period, users won't nearly certainly use it.

Fortnite has as of late been in the news as Prince Harry had required the diversion to be avoided kids. Reboot Vans are a lot more forgiving; use one, and it becomes unavailable for 120 seconds before recharging.

Reboot Vans have now been added to the map at all major POIs. Using a Respawn Beacon helps you get your team up to full strength, but you still have to work very hard to deal with the disadvantage of having lost a member of your team. Anyone brought back from the dead will be stripped of their previous gear and have little more than a common pistol and 100 wood (building material) on their person. You won't be too formidable right after a respawn, but you'll at least be able to fight if you have to.

Fixed an issue where players were not invulnerable to damage immediately after respawning.

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