'Outrageous' claims Julian Assange smeared faeces on embassy walls

Remigio Civitarese
Апреля 15, 2019

Security footage has surfaced from inside the Ecuadorian embassy Julian Assange spent seven years, showing the Wikileaks founder skateboarding through a room in bare feet.

But the 47-year-old was dragged out by police in dramatic scenes on Thursday.

President Moreno of Ecuador said in an interview that Assange had "bothered and threatened guards; [and] hit and mistreated employees of the embassy".

"And to suggest that someone would choose to remain in there without legitimate concerns about USA extradition, which is exactly what was proven this week, I think people can't really understand what it would be like to live in a room like that for a very long time".

He added: "We cannot allow our house, the house that opened its doors, to become a centre for spying". "Our decision is not arbitrary but is based on worldwide law".

Julian Assange's lawyer has accused Ecuador of making "outrageous allegations" like smearing faeces on the embassy's walls to justify allowing police to arrest the WikiLeaks founder.

Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said the Ecuadorian government has been spreading lies about his behaviour to justify allowing British police into its embassy to take Assange into custody.

Pressed over the veracity of the allegations, Ms Robinson said: "That's not true".

She also said Assange's fears of a U.S. extradition threat were proved correct this week after allegations were made that he conspired to hack into a classified Pentagon computer.

He made the move after losing his battle against extradition to Sweden where he faced allegations including rape.

The Wikileaks founder is now expected to fight extradition to the United States over an allegation that he conspired with former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to break into a classified government computer.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined Assange's supporters in saying he should be protected against extradition to the U.S. because he exposed evidence of "atrocities" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

More than 70 MPs have also urged the Government to ensure Assange faces Swedish authorities if they request his extradition.

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