Activity detected at North Korea nuclear site: US monitor

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Апреля 17, 2019

The United States special representative for North Korea is headed to Moscow amid rumors in South Korean media that Kim Jong Un is planning to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin soon.

It said their movement could indicate the transfer of radioactive material.

"In the past, these specialized railcars appear to have been associated with the movement of radioactive material or reprocessing campaigns." the report said.

She is widely referred to as North Korea's "princess" and has accompanied Kim Jong Un to multiple worldwide events, including the North Korean leader's recent summit with President Donald Trump in Vietnam.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday in Texas, "We're not home yet, but I pray that one day that President Trump gets to announce that we're removing the sanctions regime from North Korea".

But in his speech on Friday, the North Korean leader said the outcome in Hanoi led him to question the strategy he embraced past year of global engagement and talks with the US.

"Because there wasn't an agreement with North Korea on Yongbyon, it would be interesting timing if they were to have started something so quickly after Hanoi", she said.

The Hanoi talks collapsed after Trump proposed a "big deal" in which sanctions would be lifted if the DPRK side handed over all its nuclear weapons to the United States.

Since then North Korea has said it is mulling options for its diplomacy with the U.S. and Kim said last week he was open to talks with Trump only if Washington came with the "proper attitude".

Trump acknowledged on Twitter that he too would be willing to meet again, continuing to stress the importance of sanctions and a nuclear-free North Korea.

He added, "This leaves room for Moon's engagement efforts", but said that the Moon-Trump summit last week "did not provide a green light for resuming inter-Korean projects" such as resuming operation of the Kaesong Industrial Complex or Mount Kumgang tours, "which seem to be Kim's price for making a promised visit to Seoul".

He rejected partial denuclearisation steps offered by Kim, which included an offer to dismantle Yongbyon.

Kim said he would wait "till the end of this year" for the United States to decide to be more flexible.

Last month, a senior DPRK official warned that Kim might rethink the test freeze unless Washington makes concessions such as easing sanctions. It would mean that North Korea (DPRK) no longer had a nuclear weapons program or a weapons of mass destruction program.

"It would underscore that it is an active facility that does increase North Korea's fissile material stocks to increase its arsenal".

North Korea suspended nuclear and missile testing during the diplomatic process in 2018 but the International Atomic Energy Agency has said there were indications that Yongbyon has been in use as recently as the end of February. "I look forward to the day, which could be soon, when Nuclear Weapons and Sanctions can be removed, and then watching North Korea become one of the most successful nations of the World!"

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