'Dark Phoenix' Trailer: Sophie Turner Turns Into Supervillain

Brunilde Fioravanti
Апреля 17, 2019

But before that, the studio will finish the initial series almost 20 years later with the final installment of the franchise: Dark Phoenix. Now that the Fox-Disney merger went through, Disney has the ability to add the X-Men into the MCU. Which means that this movie, Dark Phoenix, will be the swan song for this particular iteration of the X-Men series. Actually, I take that back, because there's a really creepy shot of Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler in this trailer, and I'm wondering what that's all about.

The British actress plays Jean Grey, a mutant with unharnessed telepathic powers and one of Professor Charles Xavier's favourite students in the forthcoming film, the twelfth addition to the X-Men franchise and sequel to 2016 blockbuster X-Men: Apocalypse. He looks like he's about to kill someone or peek into a girls locker room or something like that.

Of course, there are quite a bit of powers that are used to tell that story as well, and we see Jean not only absorb the alien power force that will turn her into the Phoenix, but she also deflects lightning attacks launched by Storm, and even shatters Magneto's helmet into pieces. The video starts with the X-Men going on a mission to space, wherein Jean is almost killed when a mysterious cosmic force hits her. Sophie Turner makes a powerful entry as she unleashes her new-found powers on X-Men.

Meanwhile Jean is embracing her powerful alter-ego after being manipulated by Jessica Chastain's alien shape-shifter - the malevolent force responsible for the explosion that rocked her ship. Wrestling with this entity inside her, Jean unleashes her powers in ways she can neither comprehend nor contain. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to open in theaters on June 7.

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