Egyptian archaeologists unveil 4,400yo tomb with spectacular paintings

Remigio Civitarese
Aprile 17, 2019

Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities opened on Saturday a tomb of a Fifth Dynasty dignitary which was discovered recently at Saqqara Necropolis near the Giza pyramids.

Khuwy tomb houses as well another room that contains the remains of a completely destroyed coffin that was made of white limestone. It comes a week after British engineers completed a £7 million ($9 million) restoration project on Egypt 's oldest pyramid that is also located in Saqqara.

The tomb dates from the rule of Neferirkare Kakai, the third king of the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom.

This picture taken on April 13, 2019 shows journalists filming inside the newly-discovered tomb of the ancient Egyptian nobleman Khuwy dating back to the 5th dynasty, at the Saqqara necropolis, south of the capital Cairo.

In the north wall of the tomb, the mission found the entrance to a unique substructure, which is for the first time clearly inspired by the design of the substructures of the royal pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty, Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Xinhua.

Egypt is full of fascinating secrets and the desert never seems to stop unearthing the remains of an ancient civilization.

"The L-shaped Khoy tomb starts with a small corridor heading downwards into an antechamber, and from there a larger chamber with painted reliefs depicting the tomb owner seated at an offerings table", said Mohamed Mujahid, the excavation team's head, in an antiquities ministry statement.

Khuwy's mummy and canopic jars were found fragmented into several pieces inside the tomb, but the paintings on the walls were remarkably well preserved.

They hope the tomb will give them a better understanding of the 40-year reign of Djedkare Isesi.

Meanwhile, al-Anany said his ministry will announce two new discoveries in Luxor on April 18 to mark the World Heritage Day.

And in November 2018 archaeologists also discovered a mass cat cemetery and a collection of rare mummified scarab beetles at the site.

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