Release of Mueller Report Is ‘Good’ Because It Is a ‘Total Phony’

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Апреля 17, 2019

The president isn't waiting.

Yet a former White House official told The Washington Times that the president's team isn't expecting anything that will change the narrative that Mr. Trump was investigated for two years without prosecutors touching him.

Mr. Trump has spent recent days trying to soften the ground before Thursday's release, saying what matters is Attorney General William Barr's top-line findings that there was no conspiracy with Russian Federation to subvert the 2016 presidential election and not enough evidence to pursue an obstruction of justice case.

"Mueller, and the A.G. based on Mueller findings (and great intelligence), have already ruled No Collusion, No Obstruction", Mr. Trump tweeted.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders repeatedly tried to make the same case on TV talk shows on Sunday.

Democrats are still demanding to see the full unredacted report.

With a date for the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report set, President Trump's attorneys and allies are armed with a public relations strategy.

Democrats say they are not sure the almost 400 pages Mr. Barr has promised will tell them much, given that he has said every page has information that could demand redaction to protect classified information, grand jury testimony or ongoing, spinoff investigations. Does he love the Mueller report or despise it?

Robert Mueller, left, and Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump has acknowledged he hasn't read the report even while claiming exoneration.

The president is also expected to travel to Mar-a-Lago for the Easter weekend on Thursday, sources say, and depending on what's revealed, Trump could speak to reporters as he leaves the White House.

They have painted House Democrats' investigations as partisan overreach and have targeted news outlets and individual reporters they say have promoted the collusion story. In the waiting game's final days, the White House continued to try to shape the narrative. "I would hope the government is going to be as transparent as it can be", Walton said.

Barr has said he will release as much of the Mueller report as possible, while excluding material Mueller included from secret grand jury testimony and confidential USA intelligence sources, information about ongoing investigations and material that might prove damaging to peripheral figures in the investigation who have not been charged with criminal offenses.

But Trump's inner circle knows there will likely be further releases of embarrassing or politically damaging information. Barr's letter, for instance, hinted that there would be at least one unknown action by the president that Mueller examined as a possible act of obstruction.

"They got asked questions and told the truth and now they're anxious the wrath will follow", one former White House official said. And there is fear among some presidential confidants that the rush to spike the football in celebration could backfire if bombshell new information emerges.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, is trying to keep the public focused on Mr. Mueller's bigger conclusion that there was no criminal conspiracy with Russian Federation - undercutting the narrative that launched the lengthy investigation. I was positive, I told them, that Trump would never be the Republican nominee, let alone be elected president. The crime was committed by the other side. "This crime was all made up, it was all a fabrication and that's come out loud and clear".

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