Federal government extends deadline to make Trans Mountain decision to June 18

Cornelia Mascio
Апреля 21, 2019

The Liberal government, which purchased the project for $4.5 billion, hit a roadblock last summer when the Federal Court quashed its initial cabinet approval of the expanded pipeline.

In February, the National Energy Board's reconsideration report concluded it's in the public interest to approve the project, though said it would be subject to 156 recommended conditions and issued 16 non-binding recommendations to the federal government.

"I agreed with the prime minister that they need need to cross every "t" and dot every "i" when it comes to discharging the federal government's duty to consult", Kenney told reporters on Thursday.

The federal government says it's delaying until June 18 its decision on a pipeline to pump crude from northern Alberta oil sands to an oil terminal on British Columbia's Pacific Coast to allow for more time for consultations with Indigenous groups affected by the controversial expansion project.

"The government is taking its time to make sure the right decision is made and it's communicated the right way to the masses", Tran said.

That established May 22 as the original deadline.

"This provides the time required to respond to what Indigenous groups are telling us and to conclude the Phase III Crown consultations before the GiC decision".

Kenney promised throughout his election campaign that his government would hold a province-wide referendum in 2021 to remove equalization from the Constitution Act if "substantial progress is not made on construction of a coastal pipeline, and if Trudeau's Bill C-69 is not repealed". Additional rail capacity is possible but not the most efficient way to move oil, the NEB said.

The government remains committed to doing "things differently" on the project and moving the process forward with guidance from the Federal Court of Appeal, Sohi said.

"I also continue to build relationships with Indigenous groups, and I want to thank them for their time and such thoughtful conversations".

Sohi said consultation teams are continuing to meet with Indigenous communities that could be impacted by the project.

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