Elon Musk on Tesla's self-driving capabilities

Rodiano Bonacci
Апреля 23, 2019

And to do that, Musk will have to be correct in his bet that Tesla has come up with a better way to produce self-driving cars than virtually every other of the more than 60 companies in the US working toward the same goal. Earlier this month, Tesla made it impossible for customers to order that version of the Model 3 online.

But self-driving auto experts fear Musk is shirking public safety in an effort to boost Tesla's stock and sell more of the company's electric cars. The system has automatic steering and cruise control but requires driver attention at the wheel.

April 22 - Musk says that in 2020, Tesla will have "over a million cars with full self-driving, software, everything".

From Musk's vantage point, Tesla has a huge advantage over autonomous vehicle competitors because it gathers a massive amount of data in the real world. To become fully self-driving, the cars also need a special computer that fits behind the glove box and is powered by a special chip Musk boasted is better than any other processor in the world "by a huge margin".

Currently, the self-driving computer costs $5,000, but the price rises to $7,000 if it's installed after delivery.

Finally, Tesla will deliver software updates to those computers to make it possible for its electric cars to be driven by a robot, without a human in position to take over in case something goes awry.

Musk hosted Tesla's Autonomy Day with investors at its Palo Alto, California headquarters on Monday.

"People will die", Rajkumar predicted. I mean, fine if you want to own a horse.

Meanwhile, drivers can stand to earn $30,000 per year by participating in the Tesla Network, Musk said.

October 19 - Musk says he expects that by the end of 2017 a Tesla would be able to drive in full autonomous mode from Los Angeles to NY "without the need for a single touch" on the wheel.

"Probably two years from now we'll make a auto with no steering wheels or pedals", he predicted, which acknowledging he often missed deadlines and his presentation on Monday started 30 minutes late. He didn't specific where Tesla will try to gain approval first.

But some have voice scepticism, saying that the technology to drive cars safely simply does not exist yet. The company expects its Autopilot Full Self-Driving to be feature complete later this year, though this forecast will presumably be met with skepticism after years of delays.

Tesla is all-in on its plans to take over the ride-sharing industry.

Teslas have been involved in a handful of crashes, some of them fatal, involving the use of the company's AutoPilot system.

During an hours-long investor day presentation focused on autonomy, Musk said customers will be able to put their cars onto a shared network of robotaxis, which will be able to get around without a human inside. It's unclear if older Tesla cars could be upgraded with new computers. Elon Musk is now ripping up the script, vowing to pair self-driving technology with a sharing service that will make it insane for consumers to buy other cars. Waymo launched a small, safety-driver monitored auto service in the Phoenix area late past year. "Once regulators are comfortable with us removing the steering wheel we'll delete that".

The Waymo cars also have Lidar, something experts remain convinced must be part of any fully self-driving auto, despite Musk's colourful contentions otherwise.

"Vehicles that don't have Lidar, that don't have advanced radar, that haven't captured a 3-D map are not self-driving vehicles", Ken Washington, Ford's chief technical officer, said during a recent interview with Recode.

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