Alexa Guard Now Available on All Echo Speakers in the US

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Mag 15, 2019

Just tell your Echo that you're heading out, and it will begin listening for signs of trouble on the homestead.

First announced in September 2018 for new Echo smart speakers, Alexa Guard is now available on all Echo speakers. It will be free to Echo owners in the U.S. If you're the type of person who has a hard time enjoying a holiday away, mostly because you're anxious about what's going on at home, this new feature could help put your mind at ease. It's called Alexa Guard, and it will help to keep your home safe while you're out.

And while programmable timers make it easy to turn on and off lights to simulate activity inside the house, Alexa Guard takes the idea further with connected smart lights, plugs, and switches-for the ultimate Home Alone experience.

Scroll down and select the Guard option.

Alexa Guard is free for all Echo users and is rolling out to USA users today.

The digital assistant listens for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or the sound of breaking glass-which wake the system in the same way as calling its name. If it hears something like that, it can send out smart alerts with audio snippets for you to check. You will also be given the option to Drop In on your Echo device. For example, Amazon says it worked with hundreds of contractors to break glass windows with different types of tools so Alexa Guard could better detect if someone is breaking one of your windows to gain access to your house.

If, however, you have security systems from ADT Pulse, ADT Control, or Ring Alarm, you can pair Alexa Guard with them to get more out of the feature.

Yes. Alexa Guard can be set up to work with your existing home security system.

Those folks with professional monitoring from ADT or Ring Protect Plus can choose to forward the recording so the company can take action.

Yes. Alexa Guard is absolutely free to use.

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