Keanu Reeves Leaves Stephen Colbert Speechless After Comment On Death

Brunilde Fioravanti
Mag 15, 2019

Thankfully US talk show host Stephen Colbert beat us to it and asked him this exact question on his late night show.

Keanu is no stranger to grief having had a stillborn daughter in 1999 with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Syme, who subsequently died in a 2001 vehicle accident.

The Matrix star shook his head at his signature and was helped out by a volunteer who used a spreader to give the actor a clean slate to try again on. His girlfriend Jennifer Syme delivered their child stillborn in 1999.

Tragically, Jennifer Syme would lose her own life in 2001 due to a vehicle accident.

Stephen suffered family tragedies in 1974 when he lost his father James and two closest brothers Peter and Paul in a plane crash, as well as in 2013 when his mother Lorna died. While scientists are trying to find answers to the afterlife, John Wick 3 star Keanu Reeves has a profound answer to the question.

Reeves also had some info to share on the long-awaited third "Bill and Ted" movie, "Bill and Ted Face the Music".

Keanu Reeves explained that Bill and Ted have 80 minutes to write the song that will save the world.

What do you think happens when someone dies?

"So you're facing your own mortality and the mortality of all existence?"

Laurence Fishburne, who played the role of Reeves's mentor Morpheus in The Matrix and also appears in the upcoming John Wick film called Reeves one of the "smartest and most intelligent men that I have ever met".

Keanu answered with the simplest and sweetest response.

After pausing for a few seconds, Keanu said: "I know that the ones who love us will miss us".

You may watch Keanu Reeves and Stephen Colbert discuss the topic and the rest of the interview in the video player below. Keanu Reeves continued his excellent adventure in Hollywood by putting his hand and footprints in cement to be memorialized at the TCL Chinese Theatre Tuesday.

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