Pregnant mother tests positive for opiates after eating poppy seed bagel

Modesto Morganelli
Mag 15, 2019

Less than a week after baby Carter Dominguez was brought into the world, baby and mom are enjoying time at their home in the Town of Tonawanda. I just want everyone to know that this could happen.

"CPS shows up in my room, asking me all sorts of questions like, 'if we are to take your kids and your baby away from you, where would you like them to go?' " she said.

Arriving at the hospital to give birth, Dominiguez was asked for a urine sample, and was subsequently left shocked when it came back testing positive to opiates. "I called my husband freaking out saying 'how is this possible?' I don't do drugs", she said.

After her husband, Mark inquired about what she'd eaten, she told him that she'd had a bagel and a sub.

After it was determined that Dominguez's poppy seed bagel was responsible for the false positive, she was reunited with her child. "He told me it must be from the bagel".

Less than 24 hours after giving birth, a NY mother said her baby was taken from her after she tested positive for opiates - despite claiming she did not take any drugs.

One doctor explained to WKBW that the seeds are derived from the opium plant.

After giving birth to baby Carter later that day, a second test came back negative.

Dominguez insisted that she was not a drug user, but the hospital still called child protective services. But not all poppy seeds will lead to a positive drug test - it depends on whether the seeds are washed beforehand or not, which removes the outer residue.

Clinical pharmacist Dr. Michelle Rainka told the station that anyone taking a test should be aware of the potential.

"I felt absolutely terrible".

And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said (pdf) that one type of urine drug test will show false positives for poppy seeds in addition to quinolone antibiotics and over-the-counter medications. "It's such a awful thing, and I don't want it to happen to anyone". I just want everyone to know that this could happen. It's such a bad thing and I don't want it to happen to anyone, ' she stated.

Reports show Elizabeth did have a false positive because of the poppyseed bagel.

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