Trump says China will be 'hurt very badly' if no trade deal

Cornelia Mascio
Mag 15, 2019

The Trump administration has raised tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports after charging that China had backtracked on commitments it made in earlier negotiations.

"We're having a little squabble with China because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades ... it should have been handled a long time ago, and it wasn't and we'll handle it now", Trump said, referring to past presidents.

China had announced on Monday that is latest tariffs against United States goods will come into effect from June 1 even as President Trump in a tweet had cautioned President Xi's government not to retaliate.

US officials targeted $300 billion in additional goods from Chinese goods for possible tariff hikes while Beijing vowed to "fight to the finish". "Both sides will pay", he told Fox News.

Trump has repeatedly said that the trade structure between the two countries is imbalanced, and has sought to rectify that. He pointed his finger on Tuesday at the WTO, whose formation he said is at least partly responsible for US losses on trade.

In a Tuesday morning discussion with reporters, Portman said he supports getting tough on China because it has stolen USA intellectual property and technology and has a huge trade imbalance that the United States needs to address. "It will all happen, and much faster than people think!"

President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to help hard-hit American farmers caught in the middle of the escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing.

"We have all the advantage, it's a very small factor for us", he said about the tariffs.

He noted that the United States purchased more products from China than China purchased from the United States, giving him an advantage.

Mr. Trump plans to meet with Mr. Xi during the G-20 Summit in Japan in late June.

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