Donald Trump favours skilled English-speakers in immigration reforms

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Мая 18, 2019

That rule, for example, allowed Trump's Slovenian-born wife Melania to obtain U.S. citizenship for her parents a year ago. Forbes cites one legal analysis finding that under the plan, "immigrants in the green card backlog would lose their place in line and would need to apply under the new point-based system".

Mr. Trump drew audible cheers from his audience in the Rose Garden when he said his plan would speed up the point at which immigrants have to demonstrate that they have learned English and have a knowledge of American civics. But putting that omission aside, the proposal is an important step to shift to a system that focuses almost 60 percent of visas on economic merit, and the administration deserves credit for recognizing the right kind of reform. "In countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that number is closer to 60 and even 70 and 75 per cent, in some cases", he said.

"Right now this is the Trump plan, and we're hoping this will become the Republican plan", the official said.

Factors such as age, English language ability and employment offers would also be taken into account.

According to research from American University, many Japanese and German-branded cars sold in the United States have more USA and Canadian-made content than do some models from American brands.

Despite this, Trump regularly lambasts so-called "chain migration" and says he wants to reorient to allowing in people on a more competitive basis.

"Random selection is contrary to American values and blocks out many qualified potential immigrants from around the world who have much to contribute".

It said, however, Trump agreed with findings that imported vehicles and parts can threaten U.S. national security.

They seek to halt practices by "smugglers and coyotes" who advertise transportation to the the Central American Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras), from where a majority of refugees recently seeking asylum here have fled. "Unfortunately, legitimate asylum seekers are being displaced by those lodging frivolous claims", Trump said.

According to a briefing by senior White House officials prior to the speech, the goal of the new system is to treat border security scientifically, rather than as a political issue, in addition to implementing a merit based legal immigration system. "It needs to be simplified and just like anything else, you have to turn the water off before you can fix the plumbing", Stein said.

Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.), co-author of the RAISE Act, a proposal to introduce a merit-based system, praised Trump for being "serious about finding solutions to fix our broken immigration system and secure our borders", but stopped short of endorsing the bill.

Efforts to overhaul the immigration system have gone nowhere for three decades because of the deep divide between Republicans and Democrats on the hot button issue.

Yet even as Trump cast the measure as a consensus plan that would finally solve one of Washington's most intractable challenges, there were signs the proposal faces an uphill battle for consensus even among the Republican Party's own ranks.

Democrats are unlikely to support any immigration proposal that doesn't also address the young people who came to the children and are now here illegally, known as Dreamers. Nor does it reduce overall rates of immigration, as Miller and many conservative Republicans would like.

A new immigration proposal from President Donald Trump focuses on bolstering border security and rethinking the green card system. The White House has refused to release the auto import study to Congress. Trump said in a series of early morning tweets on Friday. Trump's immigration plan calls for a border wall to be built in some locations.

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