Hit comedy Big Bang Theory comes to an emotional end

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 18, 2019

After 12 seasons, the final episode of "The Big Bang Theory" aired Thursday.

The actor said in an interview with Larry King on 'Larry King Now, ' that he had a moment in his career where he didn't get an acting gig for about three years and money was getting tight to the point where he started selling his belongings, like his cello.

Sheldon and his neurobiologist wife Amy (Mayim Bialik) won the Nobel Prize for physics; experimental physicist Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and wife Penny (Kaley Cuoco) announced they were pregnant, and hopeless romantic astrophysicist Raj (Kunal Nayyar) got a date with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

After 12 years, The Big Bang Theory ends, tonight.

That's an incredible achivement considering how much the HBO show is talked about and the fact that there's not even a single dragon in Big Bang.

"There was no factor; there was no situation that I was like, 'Well, I've had enough of that.' It was just...when you know, you know". Viewers have celebrated and cried over the final episode for the long running sitcom, after 12 years on CBS. CBS has announced that Young Sheldon will not only be picked up for a third season, but the broadcasting giants have chose to also go ahead and renew the hit show for a fourth season as well. The Young Sheldon Season 2 finale, titled "A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast", will air on May 16 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. The former beat out HBO's acclaimed fantasy drama by a whisker as the two beloved approach their series finales, The India Times reported.

The second part ended, like many had in the show's tenure, with the gang hanging out in Leonard's living room and eating Chinese takeout. Also, Meemaw learns more about Dr. Sturgis' past, and Georgie's desire for cable TV leads to a standoff between him and George Sr.

A third summed up the emotions before the finale: "I'm not crying you are". The final write up for my time on The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is not on Netflix. Thank you for tuning in night in and night out.

It was an adorable tribute to the mothership show on the night of the series finale.

The Big Bang Theory closed out its run as television's top-rated comedy with an emotional final episode that saw some big changes for the show's group of geeky misfits. You can also purchase the episode for a few dollars on digital VOD platforms.

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