Public health agency reports no measles in Plumas County

Modesto Morganelli
Mag 18, 2019

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been 839 documented cases of measles so far this year in the US, confirmed across 23 states from January 1 to May 10.

Lawmakers took immediate action to drive vaccinations. One of the big reasons measles is spreading is because of the many surrounding the disease. The number of new cases jumped by 75 from the previous week.

Typically the number of reported cases of measles increases in September as students are more likely to be exposed when in large groups. Public Health has a limited amount of vaccine available. Global travelers visited the Philippines, Thailand, India, Ukraine, Vietnam and Cambodia.

"I've done my homework", said parent Carolyn Stirling, who opposes the vaccine because she believes certain components of it will attack and destroy her child's brain cells. Those born between 1957 and 1989 may have had one of the earlier doses of the measles vaccine that may have been less effective.

Myth 3: Only children get measles.

The health department is urging anyone who has worldwide travel plans to make sure their shots are up-to-date before they go.

Q: How long does the measles vaccine remain effective?

Do You Need A Booster Shot?

SALEM, Ore. - Critics blasted a decision by OR lawmakers that killed a bill aimed at getting more children vaccinated for measles and other preventable diseases in order pass a tax on large businesses, saying it jeopardized public health.

Those who are traveling internationally to areas where measles is a concern, including adults, are urged to check that they are protected.

"Education, WCD and PRI departments need to join hands with the Health department to achieve high vaccination coverage with equity".

Myth 5: There are natural ways to prevent the measles.

There's always a risk that unvaccinated travelers will bring measles back from overseas.

Immunization is a proven way to prevent and eliminate life-threatening infectious diseases.

Yes, adults have a significantly lower chance of contracting measles but there are cases where they should still be vaccinated, particularly adults born between 1957 and 1989. A "written and signed statement from the parent or guardian saying they object because of honest and genuine religious beliefs" is permitted under state law.

At this time, North Carolina law regarding measles vaccination has not changed.

Medical exemption rates have spiked since the state banned personal belief exemptions. Though his United Kingdom medical license was revoked in 2010 for unethical behavior, misconduct and dishonesty, he and many like him are still running profitable campaigns against vaccines by promoting films and online web content to dissuade confused and ill informed parents. If someone has a weakened immune system due to diseases such as cancer or HIV/AIDS, or from treatments including radiation and chemotherapy, they can't get vaccinated. How should parents of infants that age protect their kids? The first does is at 12-15 months old and the second is at 4-6 years old.

Washington is one of 17 states that allow parents to decline vaccinating their children on "personal" or "philosophical" grounds.

Q: What is a vaccine injury, and how often does it happen? If you're not sure whether you are fully vaccinated, talk with your doctor. Approximately 30,000 reports are filed each year, and roughly 90 percent describe mild side effects.

According to the CDC, minor reactions to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine include fevers, rashes, swollen glands, and soreness at the injection site. In some schools, more than 40% of children are unvaccinated through the state's lax exemption process.

There is no scientific evidence showing that vaccines cause autism, and the vaccine court has never compensated a petitioner claiming that a vaccine caused autism.

Q: When is a quarantine necessary?

People with confirmed cases of measles are put in isolation for four days after they develop a rash.

"Now, we're seeing a lot more people who come just to get the measles vaccine, being aware of excess measles cases in other countries", says Dr. Beaulieu. But, rubella and measles are quite common in other parts of the world.

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