This is how Samsung is fixing the Galaxy Fold and its issues

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Mag 18, 2019

Plus, it has filled that gap near the hinge to avoid debris getting inside the device and damaging components.

At that time, the company simply said that the new launch of the Galaxy Fold smartphone will soon be announced it thoroughly checks the device. Preorders for the Galaxy Fold already sold out, and additional bad press from faulty units sent to consumers willing to shell out $2,000 per phone could've been fatal to the future of foldable smartphones.

To combat urges to peel that layer back, the reports say Samsung has extended the layer to fit behind the bezel, leaving zero room for the film to curl up. Although it appears that Samsung has fixed all the underlying issues, it is worth remembering that the company had the audacity to push out a half-baked product into the market, presumably to beat other vendors to the punch, and so, it remains to be seen if these fixes will actually work.

Other than that, Samsung has also presumably reduced the size of the hinge, so that it would be covered by the existing protective frame of the device.

According to Yonhap, after the fixes, Samsung will look to re-license the device for sale and hasn't yet provided a hard release date for its revamped version.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last Thursday, DJ Koh, who heads Samsung's mobile division, reportedly told The Korea Herald that, "We will reach a conclusion in a couple of days [on the launch]". Probably because, as my colleague Alex Cranz noted, it was more concerned with being first out the gate with a foldable phone. The report also adds that Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fold in June but it's not yet confirmed and the company could change the launch timeline. However, most of us have still never used it, so it's tough to get an idea of just how fast it can be.

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