Serial killer who murdered ten women executed in Florida

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Mag 24, 2019

Serial Killer Bobby Joe Long has been put to death by lethal injection, after announcing he had no final statement to make. The day before her abduction, she'd written a suicide note, planning to end her life after years of sexual abuse by her grandmother's boyfriend. She said she wanted to hear Long's final words, though she would not be able to address him.

Police linked Long to several unsolved murders in the Tampa area by matching fibers that were found on victims with fibers from the carpet in his auto.

Authorities say 65-year-old Bobby Joe Long was pronounced dead at 6:55 p.m. Thursday following a lethal injection at Florida State Prison. After high school, he married his childhood sweetheart, but the relationship became violent.

Law enforcement had few clues until Noland told her story. Authorities believe that Long, dubbed the "Classified Ad Rapist", used this tactic to rape dozens of women in California and Florida.

Investigators said Long's crime spree began in the early 1980s when he answered ads for household goods for sale in local newspapers placed by women, went to their homes and sexually assaulted them.

In the AP interview Wednesday, Noland described her attack in excruciating detail: the church where Long abducted her, the gun he pressed to her head, the bright light she could see on the car's dashboard beneath the edge of her blindfold. She left evidence and gave police details that led to his arrest. When they arrived at his apartment, she counted the steps to the second floor. When he let her use the bathroom, she made sure she left fingerprints everywhere.

Noland explained the reason she would thank Long is because she has forgiven him for what he did to her. She appealed to a glimmer of kindness he showed while he washed her hair after raping her repeatedly.

Asked if she would tell him anything if she could, she told AP that she'd thank him for choosing her and not someone else. He said he had suffered a bad breakup and hated women. She told him he seemed nice and that maybe she could be his girlfriend.

Long later got Noland dressed. She got out of the vehicle and tripped on the curb. She waited for what seemed like an eternity and pulled off the blindfold.

"The first of Long's method of execution claims is that Florida's use of a three-drug protocol instead of a one-drug protocol violates the Eighth Amendment", appeals-court Chief Judge Ed Carnes wrote, referring to the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

And she's joined the ranks of the law enforcement officers who captured Long. The victim-turned-deputy with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said she was held captive for about 26 hours.

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