Biden Amends Climate Plan That Failed to Cite Sources

Rodiano Bonacci
Июня 5, 2019

The document by Biden, a former vice president under Barack Obama, cites sources in the text of the plan.

President Trump's reelection campaign wasted little time in trying to capitalize on the latest blunder.

Biden's plan lays out five key goals - reaching net-zero emissions and 100 percent clean energy economy by 2050, building a "stronger, more resilient" nation, rallying the climate change fight worldwide, fight polluters who "disproportionately harm" low-income Americans and minorities and helping American workers with the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

But the release of Biden's plan was not without controversy.

"I will lead America and the world, not only to confront the crisis in front us but to seize the opportunity it presents", Biden says in a campaign video posted online, warning that failure to act threatens "the livability of our planet" and will accelerate natural disasters that are "already happening".

At the pro-Green New Deal Sunrise Movement, executive director Varshini Prakash called Biden's plan "a good start".

Trump successfully billed Obama-era environmental protections as job killers to his supporters, and has directed his administration to roll back many of them since taking office. "I know, you're just telling what they said". "These are real jobs".

"While we're standing around not doing much, the rest of the world is moving ahead", Biden said at a New Hampshire campaign stop Tuesday.

Some of Biden's Democratic rivals, including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have taken tougher stances on climate change by fully endorsing the Green New Deal.

The former vice president's outline tracks some ideas of the Green New Deal pushed by many Democrats in Washington, though Biden isn't as aggressive in his timeline for curbing emissions.

For the first time, Biden said he would not accept donations from fossil fuel companies or executives and joined almost a dozen other rivals in the Democratic race in calling for a ban on new oil and gas leasing on federal land and waters - instead focusing on deploying renewables.

Vice President Joe Biden drew laughs on Tuesday when he shrugged off concerns about his questionable behavior with women during a campaign event.

As president, Biden says he'd start by reversing many actions of the Trump administration, then turn to necessary congressional action and executive branch regulation, while using US political and economic muscle to limit emissions from other nations.

For working-class voters, the plan promises to secure coal miners' benefits and increase coal company payments into a federal program to help miners battling black lung disease. He pledges a more aggressive Environmental Protection Agency, clean drinking water for all Americans and a focus on minority communities for initial rounds of federal clean energy spending.

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