Chicken may be as bad for your cholesterol as red meat

Modesto Morganelli
Июня 8, 2019

The participants in both the groups were cycled through three diets that mainly consists of white meat, which includes mainly turkey and chicken, red meat includes preliminary beef, and a non-protein diet includes soy products, nuts, grains, legumes diet. LDL stands for low-density lipoproteins and is often dubbed "bad cholesterol".

A diet in high saturated fat was found to increase "bad cholesterol" regardless of the protein source. The diet extended over a four week period after which, blood samples were taken from the group and compared with the samples taken at the beginning of the test. Meanwhile, the effects of white and red meats on participants' cholesterol levels were identical when saturated fat levels were equivalent.

"All we can say from our study is that if you are trying to lower your cholesterol, limiting white poultry meat may be just as effective as limiting red meat", said Krauss. Immersed fats happen normally in sustenances, for example, greasy hamburger, poultry with skin, margarine and cream and cheeses, as per the American Heart Association.

The team also looked at LDL particles of different sizes.

There is stronger evidence that small LDL particles, which are still needed to transport nutrients, are a risk factor for developing cholesterol problems. In any case, late research posted on the International Atherosclerosis Society's site proposes that both little and huge LDL particles may expand the danger of plaque development, known as atherosclerosis. Participants on the red meat diet mostly ate beef as their protein source, while the participants on the white meat diet mostly ate chicken. However, a high saturated fat diet was associated with a higher concentration of large LDL particles, though no association was seen in relation to small or medium particles. Government dietary guidelines encouraged the consumption of poultry as a healthier alternative. Be that as it may, as of recently, there hasn't been an exhaustive examination of the wellbeing impacts of eating red meat, white meat and nonmeat proteins, Krauss noted.

The long-held belief that eating white meat is less harmful for your heart may still hold true, because there may be other effects from eating red meat that contribute to cardiovascular disease, said the University of California, San Francisco researchers.

The study is well executed and rigorous, Hunnes said.

But there had been no comprehensive comparison of the effects of red meat, white meat and non-meat proteins on blood cholesterol until now, according to the researchers. "All great messages in my book!" Nor did it include fish, Krauss said.

But a small new study calls that into question.

The study was published Tuesday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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