Did Donald Trump Inadvertently Reveal a Secret Mexico Deal?

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Июня 12, 2019

"There is no other thing beyond what I have just explained", Ebrard said. "Right here is the agreement, it's very simple".

But he teased reporters at the White House: 'So right here is the agreement.

On Twitter Tuesday, the president said, "Mexico is doing more for the US and the border than Democrats in Congress!"

Mexico's foreign minister said Monday that the deal doesn't include any secret provisions. Mexico told us absolutely, I don't know where The Times got the story, ' Trump said Tuesday. 'I think they probably got it the probably from somebody who worked here and said how well they were doing. Pompeo acknowledged that it was "something that we pressed for with them throughout the time of the negotiations". That's the difference. They couldn't get it'. Mexican government documents said it was "the first time in recent history that Mexico has chose to take operational control of its southern border as a priority". "I can tell you that the team here at the State Department believes full-throatedly that this an important set of agreements, important set of understandings, one that we'll continue to work on". We had nothing, and the reason we had nothing is because Mexico felt they didn't have to give us anything.

US officials told the Post they were impressed with Mexico's promise to deploy 6,000 national guard troops to its border.

He said the agreement that he waved around would go into affect at his discretion. "It goes into effect at my option".

"It's not Mexico's, but it will go into effect when Mexico tells me it's okay to release", Trump said, adding that first Mexico has to ratify whatever agreement they've made.

The U.S. -Mexico deal also comes amid an escalating crisis at the border, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection reporting last week that it apprehended or encountered more than 144,000 migrants at the border in May-levels not seen in over a decade.

Mexican soldiers ride in the back of a pick up truck as they escort the caravan carrying Mexico's Minister of Defense, in Tapachula, Mexico, Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

The Trump Administration has sought a policy called "safe third country", a dramatic shift in which migrants would be required to seek asylum in Mexico rather than the U.S. Another option would be a regional agreement including Mexico and other Latin American countries to assume responsibilities for asylum-seekers.

He added: "I've seen some reporting that says that these countless hours were nothing, that they amounted to a waste of time". I'm not going to say one way or another, ' he said.

According to Ebrard, the United States has given Mexico 45 days to reduce the surge of Central Americans fleeing poverty and violence to seek asylum in the United States.

Washington wants Mexico to be declared a safe third country in which asylum seekers would have to seek safe harbor instead of the United States, a demand Mexico has rejected in the past.

Mexico and the United States may explore additional steps next month to restrict illegal immigration from Central America, with the threat of tariffs hanging over Mexico if it does not do enough to satisfy USA demands, officials said on Monday.

Trump had threatened to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican products arriving in the USA starting this week, but backed off when Mexico pledged to ramp up efforts to block migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala heading north to the U.S.

The President tweeted Monday, saying tariffs will be reinstated if Mexico's legislature doesn't vote to approve the deal.

A weekend news report claiming the us immigration pact with Mexico was a hodge-podge of recycled ideas that America's southern neighbor had already agreed to is coming under fresh criticism, as the Trump administration denies it and a separate report challenges the claims.

The president called the story "fake news" and insisted the deal was brand new.

After Trump and Lopez Obrador put out the joint statement, The New York Times published its article claiming the deal was reached months ago.

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