Epic's Donald Mustard Says Fortnite's Reaper Skin Isn't Keanu Reeves

Brunilde Fioravanti
Giugno 12, 2019

The Reaper skin was awarded to Fortnite players for reaching Tier 100 in the Season 3 Battle Pass. Since its reveal, the bulk of the Fortnite community has referred to this as the John Wick skin; interestly enough, Mustard says that this was not the intention. For me, Epic Games is the Unreal developer; but for someone else it might be the Gears of War developer; and to others it's the Fortnite team.

Now, while there has been a John Wick crossover event in Fortnite, that wasn't until very recently. Keanu plays John Wick, which makes the whole thing even more like a snake eating its own tail.

I happened to end up in a spot where Keanu and I were together, talking about some stuff, and we were like "What if, what if this kinda made sense?" And [Keanu] was into it, especially because we have this character in Fortnite called The Reaper which kinda-it wasn't intentional! "And I loved how we just wallowed in it. and then when he came back off he was just like, 'wow.' [.] They were so nice to him and everything, he was really blown away, which I thought was cool". Well, apparently, to one generation of fans Keanu Reeves isn't Ted or Neo, he's "Fortnite Guy". So I think that's when we [gestures to Stahleski] met.It just felt inevitable and made a lot of sense that we would do something together. If you'd like to support us, use code FortniteINTEL in the Item Shop!

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