France's Macron will send new oak to Trump after tree died

Remigio Civitarese
Июня 12, 2019

Macron said that despite the troubling emergence of "American doubt" embodied by Donald Trump, cooperation between the United States and France is still essential to him. Things turned sour between the two men after Macron gave a speech about the dangers of nationalism in November 2018 while commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the First World War.

"Europe. must build new rules of trust and security with Russian Federation, and should not only agree with NATO", Macron said in an interview with the Swiss television channel RTS.

The French President was speaking to Swiss TV station RTS.

"And that war is present in our democracies, it's the profound crisis we're going through", Macron said. "Do not see symbols where there are none, the symbol was to plant it together".

It was put into quarantine to prevent the possibility of parasites spreading to other trees in the White House grounds.

US officials this weekend said it had died prompting a flurry of social media posts comparing its death to the hard relationship the two leaders have had since that visit.

But the tree has since died, prompting Macron's offer of a replacement.

"We need to have a strategic debate, so this week I will have another, long and intense conversation with Vladimir Putin, as the president of France and the G7", Macron stressed. "There is disagreement among us, but we work together".

Macron is at odds over the American's unilateralist approach to trade, climate change and a nuclear deal with Iran.

While in quarantine the tree died and was never replaced, according to France's Le Monde newspaper, which was the first to report about the tree's death.

'We must never forget to keep alive the alliance of free people'.

He added: 'It's what the United States did in setting up the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO.

Just over one year after the ceremonial planting, the dead tree has been viewed as a metaphor for the two leaders' atrophied relationship - one that showed promise in the beginning.

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