Mexico denies Trump's claim of secret concessions in deal

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 12, 2019

The debate follows President Trump's move to threaten crushing tariffs against Mexico, only to back off late Friday claiming he had extracted an agreement with the country to confront the flow of migrants from Central America.

"The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the US on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended", Trump said on Twitter on Friday evening.

President Donald Trump told reporters that he reached a secret pact with Mexico that will take effect when he wants it to - despite the country's insistence that there are no secret components of an immigration deal struck last week.

However, he said this while waving around a single sheet of paper that had the details of the deal written on it.

But Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico's foreign minister, said on Monday that "there is no other thing beyond [the previously announced terms]". Trump appeared eager to declare his high-drama negotiation tactics successful, even as he tried to hype it with extra measures.

If this plan fails, the foreign minister said, Mexico will be designated a "safe third country", meaning that asylum seekers crossing through Mexican territory will need to apply for refuge there, rather than in the US. "And, specifically, the Democrats, they have to get their act together", he told reporters at the White House.

"Tariffs are a great negotiating tool, a great revenue producers and, most importantly, a powerful way to get companies to come to the United States of America and to get companies that have left us for other lands to come back home", Trump tweeted. They include the deployment of 6000 Mexican soldiers to the southern border with Guatemala and allowing Central Americans to wait in Mexico until their asylum claims, most of which are fraudulent, are processed.

The agreement gives the Mexican government another 45 days to achieve that.

Instead, Ebrard said during a press conference in Mexico City Monday, if the deal announced Friday does not begin to drive down migrant numbers in the next 45 days, officials will open up new discussions. That's the difference. They couldn't get it'. "But that is what there is here. It means drugs. It means so many other things".

"I would be surprised if he didn't go, I think he is going".

She also revealed President Trump will be accompanied by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The administration has yet to reveal the details of any such provision, and Mexican officials say no agreement on farm goods was reached as part of the talks.

Ebrard told reporters the talks had focused on migration, not commerce, and hypothesized that Trump was calculating an economic boost resulting from his decision not to implement the tariffs. I don't blame them, but this is actually ultimately going to be good for Mexico, too, and it's good for the relationship of Mexico with us, ' he said. "That will be announced at the appropriate time".

Asylum is at the core of Trump's concerns about a surge in undocumented immigration because a large proportion of the people apprehended at the U.S.

Under duress because of Trump's threat to impose tariffs unless Mexico acted to stem the surge in migrants that has overwhelmed USA detention facilities and its immigration court system, Mexico signed a pact last week agreeing to control the flow of people from Central America, including deploying 6,000 members of a new national guard along its border with Guatemala.

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