Opera releases new browser specially built for gamers

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Giugno 12, 2019

Available in early access starting today, Opera GX not only packs a design inspired by the RGB lights found on many gaming accessories, but it also includes a whole lot of features that give gamers more control over the browser and quick access to things they care about.

Opera GX also includes tools for limiting the system resources used by your browser, so you can keep it running in the background while you stream without it having a detrimental effect on your frame rate.

"Before Opera GX, gamers often shut down their browsers in order to not slow down their gaming experience", he said in a statement.

You might not use all of its gamer-centric features, but Opera GX is a solid browser underneath all of the bells and whistles, and a perfectly reasonable choice if you prioritize privacy and like the idea of a browser that sounds like a spaceship. The new software isn't created to stream games.

It's not all about playtime, though - Opera GX also includes the best privacy features from the company's main browser, including one-click ad-blocking and a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Streamers will love the browser too as it has inbuilt Twitch integration.

Because Opera GX is basically a cooler version of the standard Opera distribution, this also means there's no downgrade when switching to Opera's new release.

With Twitch right in your sidebar, you can easily see channels you follow, who's online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live.
In addition, Opera also designed the browser with color options, so you can customize the interface like you would a gaming keyboard or mouse.

You can download the Opera GX browser from here.

Overall, Opera GX includes all the features present in Opera's main desktop browser, now used by over 65 million users.

Opera GX is now in early access, and only available for download for Windows users.

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