Jo Brand battery acid joke an 'incitement of violence'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Giugno 13, 2019

On the show, Brand said: "Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?"

He said: 'It's a joke, however it was on the BBC and they fired Danny Baker for a vile joke and to me this is worse.

"That's just me. I'm not gonna do it, it's purely a fantasy", Brand added, "but I think milkshakes are pathetic, I honestly do, sorry". "Sorry.", however these words were cut out of widely-shared audio clips posted on social media.

The recording was followed by some shocked laughter before Coren-Mitchell continued with the rest of the show.

A second added: "I f***ing hate political correctness".

The 61-year-old responded by calling milkshake a "pathetic" thing for people to have thrown at their political opponents during May's European Union election campaigning.

The BBC has defended Jo Brand after she joked about attacks on Right-wing political candidates: "Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?" "Here is the whole programme (with the jokes, the context, and our moral which is all about being kind to each other)".

Farage on Wednesday said Brand's battery acid comment "is incitement of violence" and that "police need to act". These people are truly scarred for life, so it takes a very odd and sick mind to make jokes about corrosive liquid being thrown over people.The BBC were quick to sack Danny Baker for making an unacceptable joke following the birth of Harry and Meghan's baby.

Nigel Farage says that Brand's remarks on the comedy panel show amount to hate speech and has called for the police to intervene. You may not find it amusing or you may find it amusing.

The comic then went on to immediately make clear she was joking and criticised the milkshake stunts.

'If you criticise her because you like her target, but defend other jokes of a similar nature against targets you don't like you are a hypocrite'.

The host also replied to Farage's tweet, saying she's "disappointed" that he called for action against Brand.

Activist Femi Oluwole said Jo Brand's comments were "very irresponsible".

The BBC says the jokes made on Heresy are "deliberately provocative, as the title implies", adding the panellists' statements were "not meant to be taken seriously".

Farage has fallen victim to such incident as well as Tommy Robinson who was "milkshaked" earlier in the year.

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