UK's 5G network operators seek clarification over Huawei

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Giugno 13, 2019

Vodafone for example, alongside Three UK, have campaigned vigorously on Huawei's behalf. Currently, most have focused on either a small handful of cities, primarily London, and an outright ban on Huawei could cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

The letter asks for an urgent meeting between industry leaders and the government to discuss their concerns.

Chinese telecom mammoth Huawei said it has gotten 46 business 5G contracts so far in 30 nations and dispatched more than one lakh 5G stations universally, developing as a top player in the race for setting up the super-quick broadcast communications framework regardless of the USA prohibition on utilization of its 5G administrations.

British mobile operators say the United Kingdom could lose its position as a world leader in wireless connectivity over the controversy of working with Huawei, the BBC reported. We have robust procedures in place to manage risks to national security and are committed to the highest possible security standards.

Some countries like Australia and New Zealand, have blocked Huawei from supplying equipment for 5G telecommunication networks. "We have been clear throughout the process that all network operators will need to comply with the government's decision".

Huawei has been the focus of mounting scrutiny amid accusations of having close ties to the Chinese state, with some critics arguing its telecoms equipment could be used to spy on people in the West.

U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo has previously warned allies that "America may not be able to operate in certain environments if there is Huawei technology adjacent to that".

The company insists that it poses no security threat to any of its customers.

Huawei reported earlier this month it has shipped more than 100,000 5G base stations to 46 countries, making it the top supplier of the next-generation wireless network infrastructure in the world.

"I don't think it is right for us to make such judgments, our judgment is is it legal within the countries in which we operate, that's our criteria - it's for others to make judgments about whether they think it is right or wrong, predominately the Government".

In conclusion, Suffolk told MPs that the Chinese government has never had immoral demands, and that the company invites everyone to analyse its products in search of flaws or backdoors.

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