Why Google can't dismiss Huawei OS threat

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 14, 2019

The same goes for seeing the Mate X released in many markets outside China, even if the company claims certification tests with "various carriers" are precisely the reason why this is now delayed until September.

Huawei hasn't provided any specifics as to when the operating system could launch publicly, with Shao Yang, the chief strategy officer of Huawei's business consumer group, describing the release date as "a secret".

Now, two reports show how Huawei is busily preparing the Android replacement operating system, which it is reportedly calling Hongmeng.

Chinese technology major Huawei has said the company would invest heavily in those countries where they are welcome, as per a report in Bloomberg.

A bigger issue to many however is whether the device would be running Google's Android. Sailfish OS is also known to be compatible with Android apps as well.

Google in May confirmed that it would bar Huawei from its proprietary version of Android, though the Chinese smartphone maker is still free to use the Android Open Source Project if it wanted. Reportedly, Oppo and Vivo have sent out their teams to test the new Huawei OS and found the operating system to indeed be 60 percent faster than Android.

To ensure long-term security, and given the Trump administration's continuing rhetoric against China and its tech companies, Huawei has no option but to pursue its own OS.

Huawei has come under mounting scrutiny for over a year, led by USA allegations that "back doors" in its routers, switches and other gear could allow China to spy on US communications. Some analysts, however, believe the new OS will be launched early next year with the debut of a new P series flagship.

Information surrounding the operating system has begun to surface following the escalation of U.S. actions against Huawei, and many reports state that the operating system was initially code-named HongMeng OS.

The company's patent filings include screenshots displaying the operating system's interface, which shares some features with Android's UI.

According to recent reports, the platform is referred to as HongMeng, but it could launch as Ark OS.

As a reminder, following the ban on Huawei in the US, Huawei has just three months during which it will receive Android updates.

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