You Can Build Games Without Programming With Google Game Builder

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Giugno 14, 2019

Its Music Maker service was a good example of that, but now we have an even better one: Game Builder, which has been accessible for some time but only received a major reveal today.

Google announced Game Builder, which lets you create simple Minecraft-style 3D games for you and others to play. "Our prototype is called Game Builder", Google wrote in the blog post.

Interestingly the game, which comes from Area 120, has actually been available through Steam since November 1st a year ago as an experimental prototype (it already has 190 reviews, with a "very positive" score), but Google only publicized it today, obviously feeling that it is now ready for the world and is hoping more people start playing it.

The idea behind Game Builder is that you can make the game of your dreams without all that fiddly stuff like learning code or how to animate and draw. Google has created a "card-based visual programming system" that lets users create all kinds of objects and give them motion or whatever they'd like from the drag-and-drop cards. It's being maintained by Google's "idea incubator" division known as Area 120. Google hopes it will appeal to everyone from novice to experienced game designers and says you can slap together a game in 10 minutes or spend hours crafting one. And the tool is meant to be collaborative - multiple users can build or play games simultaneously.

Interestingly, if you really want to emulate the experience of game development in a rudimentary way, you can even invite your friends on board to help you create games cooperatively in real-time.

The Game Builder is now available on Steam for PC and Mac users.

Games are interactive media so, sooner or later, you will have to deal with figuring out how to move things or make things react to player action.

"What if creating games could be as easy and fun as playing them?" As it is still a prototype, the Area 120 team will continue working on it and improving it further.

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