40,000-year-old wolf's head found in Russian Federation

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Giugno 15, 2019

Scientists have discovered a 40,000-year-old furry wolf head that was perfectly preserved in permafrost from the Ice Age in Siberia.

Thanks to the freezing conditions in the region where Yakutia resident Pavel Yefimov found the head, it is very well preserved, with teeth, fur, facial tissue and even the wolf's brain largely intact.

The head was handed over to the Science Academy of Yakutia.

Scientists dated the giant Pleistocene wolf's head at older than 40,000 years, and measured it to be almost 16 inches long, the Siberian Times reported.

Although a man who lives in the Abyisky district of Yakutia discovered the head on the shore of a river past year, the Times reported that the find was only recently announced at the opening of a woolly mammoth exhibit in Tokyo.

The head was shown in public this week in footage provided to Reuters TV by the academy. Its eyes are missing. Previously, only wolf skulls had been found, without fur or tissue.

Scientists said it was an adult, about 25 percent bigger than today's wolves, but did not say whether it was male or female.

"This is a fixation by chemical means, so that the fur would not come off and so that we could keep it unfrozen", Valery Plotnikov, one of academy scientists, said in the footage.

The next step in the wolf's journey is to undergo a procedure called plastination: a technique of replacing water and fat with plastics.

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