WWII veteran from Tennessee reunites with long-lost love after 75 years

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Giugno 15, 2019

"I told her maybe I'll come back and take you, but it did not happen like that", Robbins told French television channel France 2.

The pair quickly fell in love but, two months later, Mr Robbins was told he had to quickly leave the village for the Eastern Front to fight the collapsing Nazi regime.

Robbins and Pierson promised they would meet again.

"When he left in the truck, I cried, of course, I was very sad", Pierson said.

Ms Pierson also fell in love again.

Speaking to one of the filmmakers in French, Pierson replied: "He said he loves me".

But Robbins never forgot about his French lover, keeping a black-and-white photo of Pierson and her village tucked away for decades.

An American World War II veteran and his former French sweetheart were reunited after 75 years when he flew over to celebrate the D-Day anniversary.

After the war, Mr Robbins returned to his hometown of Memphis.

Although he already assumed that she had passed away, the journalists were eager enough to track down Ganaye. He said he invited Ganaye and her children to come visit him here, and he doesn't think their love story is over just yet.

After the war, Robbins got married in the USA, while Ganaye also married and had five children.

The long lost lovers share a kiss during a heartwarming reunion. You never got out of my heart, ' Robbins told Pierson.

Explaining why he hadn't, Mr Robbins said: "You know, when you get married, after that you can't do it anymore".

Robbins and Pierson immediately embraced when they were reunited, gazing into each other's eyes with adoration and joy.

"He said he loves me".

"Her name was Jeannine Ganaye", Robbins said.

Pierson then asked why Robbins hadn't come back to see her sooner. The pair eventually married other people, but neither ever got over their first love. As Mr Robbins walks towards Ms Pierson, their eyes showed years of longing.

The documentary makers quietly traced Pierson to a French retirement home, and arranged for her to meet with Robbins, breaking the news to him as they were en route in France.

The duo spent two hours together during their reunion and then said goodbye as Robbins made his way to the D-Day ceremony on June 6, according to Today. "I wish he had come back".

The meeting came about when a French TV crew doing a piece on (WWII) veterans in America came across a photograph of the young French woman in Robbins' photo albums.

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