Manhattan power outage tonight: Upper West Side and more without power

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Luglio 14, 2019

A massive power outage struck New York Saturday, plunging parts of the city into darkness.

Freddi Goldstein, a spokeswoman for Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was campaigning in Iowa for president, said that the mayor had been briefed on the blackout and that the Office of Emergency Management was responding. "It sounds like it is addressable in a reasonable amount of time".

The New York Fire Department has said it has been responding to numerous calls of people trapped in elevators. Several cast members from the show put on an impromptu performance in the street outside the theater for disappointed audience members.

Businesses have been left without electricity, elevators stuck and subway cars stalled.

The MTA later added: "Because of the ongoing power outages, there is limited subway service into Manhattan from Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx".

The outages were affecting "multiple lines", the Metropolitan Transport Authority said.

The company is advising people in the affected areas switch off or unplug electrical appliances to avoid potential damage to the appliances when power is restored.

It told one Twitter user there were extensive delays on many lines.

The New York Police Department says people should monitor ConEd's Twitter feed.

The lack of power was a major issue on the streets and in buildings, too.

Lake Escobosa spent almost an hour directing traffic Saturday night near Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Police officers and civilians worked together to direct traffic while firetrucks and ambulances screamed down side streets.

"I know how tricky it is when it comes to that intersection and I just saw in my mind vehicle accidents, people getting hit, people screaming", she said.

Another user posted a photo showing a man at 66th Street and Broadway directing traffic.

On Columbus Avenue, outside Fordham University's campus, the scope of the outage was becoming more apparent as daylight waned.

The crowds were larger than usual in Times Square, where buildings were dark Saturday even after the famed billboards came back on.

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