Rattlesnake, uranium, whiskey found during traffic stop

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Luglio 14, 2019

Jennings is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and failure to carry a security verification form.

An officer in Oklahoma stopped a auto with expired tags only to discover that it was stolen.

Mr Jennings, 40, then told police he had a gun in the vehicle and police discovered that the auto was stolen.

A couple stopped in a stolen vehicle with a handgun and open bottle of whiskey won't face charges for the rattlesnake and uranium that officers also found. That was just the beginning: he then discovered the open bottle of whiskey (Kentucky Deluxe, in case you're curious), and a gun in the console. A search confirmed his claim and turned up a almost full open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey, along with a silver canister containing a yellow powdery substance. Neither the driver, Stephen Jennings, nor his passenger, Rachel Rivera, would provide a suitable explanation for it.

"So now he's got a rattlesnake, a stolen vehicle, firearm, and somebody under arrest", Gibbs told KFOR.

"When that happens, of course, we call in a company that deals with that specifically, and it's taken safely into possession", Mr Gibbs said.

Gibbs says police are still trying to determine what the two individuals were planning to do with their motley collection.

"The uranium is the wild card in that situation", Gibbs said.

The rattlesnake brought no additional charges.

"Many times it might be unlawful to own a vicious or harmful animal like a rattlesnake, however there are seasons or times where it's authorized to hunt rattlesnakes", Gibbs mentioned, including that Jennings has a valid lifetime fishing and hunting license for the state of Oklahoma permitting him to be in hold of the pet rattlesnake.

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